Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Brittany and Mike's Wedding (Connecticut, Los Angeles, New York Photographer)

It was an honor to photograph Brittany and Mike's wedding at Calvary EFC Church in Trumbull and the Cobb's Mill Inn in Weston, CT. The ceremony was filled with emotional energy. It was especially noticeable during the musical portions.

We lucked out with great weather/lighting for the portraits. And thankfully there were plenty of autumn leaves still on the trees.

Brittany and Mike often were lost in each others' eyes throughout the day, so it made my job easy! The bridal party had a blue-yellow combination. The bridesmaids wore various yellow necklaces, which I thought was a great way to include some personal creativity while also displaying unity.

Special thanks to Hoan Trinh for helping out with the wedding! Hoan's pictures are marked with an "HT" beside the logo.

Congratulations, Brittany and Mike! God bless!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Nicole & Nick Wedding in Monroe, CT by Los Angeles photographer

It was an honor to photograph Nicole and Nick's wedding at St. Rita's church in Hamden and the Waterview in Monroe, CT. We enjoyed great lighting for the portraits of the couple around sunset. I loved the green wall for portraits of Nicole at the house. There were plenty of bright colors throughout the wedding.

Nicole has helped photograph many TFP weddings in the past couple years, so it was great to work with a bride who knew what to expect. (And it was a big plus having a little extra time between the ceremony and reception.)

The sunset light provided a little rim-lighting for Nick's hair. For the close-up of Nicole and Nick together, I think Nick looks like a super-hero the way the sun caught his hair.

Special thanks to Jason Henriques for helping out with the wedding! Jason's pictures are marked with a "JH" beside the logo.

Congratulations, Nicole and Nick! God bless!